Discord gulped, looking up at the stallion who was not only about a head taller than he was, but clearly physically stronger. It didn’t take the former Draconequus long to realize that if Big Macintosh wanted to, he could turn him into a pony pretzel without breaking a sweat. 

"They’re right. Yah call yourself an Apple, yer stayin’ on our farm, yer gonna work like one," the eldest Apple sibling said simply, a quiet fury in his level, calm voice.

"Well technically, I never said I was related to-"

Big Macintosh leveled a cold glare his way, shutting Discord up, instantly making the Draconequus turned pony start sweating.

"But maybe some manual labor would be good for this body," Discord replied, a nervious smile on his voice.

Big Macintosh gave a nod, turning and leading the dethroned overlord towards the fields.

((OOC: Team Four Star shoutouts! Yay!

This is what happens when a bully goes from three times someone’s size and omnipotent to a normal Earth Pony a head shorter and a whole lot weaker than they are.)

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